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Anyone, especially a beginner, a photographer, sooner or later begins to question the choice of applications for photo editing, retouching, and cropping them. But most of the sounds in the name of the Photoshop pictures of the discussion on tender or Biennale, and in particular attracts the viewer with their uniqueness and colorful hues.
Let's try a little streamlined approaches of criticism, creativity and irony to edit photos. It's no secret that even a good shot with a tripod camera photo can and often suffers from small and not very deficiencies in coverage, uneven horizon, and the errors of colors. Cry of the soul, that it was "pure photography" is not touched, no program will be rested in the block of granite, "ignorance of the processes svetofiksatsii" (we're talking about photos taken by digital cameras).

Start from the beginning
A. Anyone, even the most expensive camera is equipped with software processing information coming from the CCD camera in the memory.
And even if it is the "Cadillac of the coolest cameras" (I prefer the Porsche), firmware, controllers and microprocessors to conjure an image in full even before the moment when you press the trigger. Shouts of "backs", the presence of manual modes, and the complete absence of automation are taking place only from the ignorant is not responsible comrades of the word "bits per pixel" and the meaning is that with their "creative hand" to work the same program which allows us to see the image instead endless string of binary zeros and of ones.
Micro conclusion - Any matrix digital camera is an integral part of a program of manufacturing the light.

Two. The presence of the camera being able to do "raw pictures' formats RAF, RAW, RAWE does not necessarily mean that photographs from these cameras will have an advantage over similar issuing the" daylight "type of images compressed BMP, JPG, JPEG.
Fans of "raw material" can be broken feathers and spears, proving the benefits of his idea - a personal process "raw image" third-party programs, but they shall fall by the argument that the best program processing the data from the matrix of a firm is to be written by programmers and software engineers that the laboratory which gave rise to this matrix, and knows much more about it all photographers put together (even if these programmers and engineers know nothing about in the photo).

Three. Buying photo equipment with monstrovym software and processing "raw images", photographers subconsciously trying to achieve its vision of reality, often ignoring the "truth". These photos come across very often, and photo exhibitions at major amateur and directories (tenders) on the Internet.
It is the desire to express themselves through the photographer his work makes (breaking taboos and prohibitions own) to do his "fake reality" and, passing mention of Photoshop, move objects in the frame, change lighting fixtures or lenses to avoid unwanted konrasveta light and shade place. A professional experienced photographer can so "mischief" in the field of view, that an honest "fotoshoperu" did not even dream in a nightmare.
So, having rejected the false hypocrisy in relation to Photoshop, we can state the following - for the final processing of pictures when we want to get the final result, any suitable image processing program. As with any tool issue we select the program from the standpoint of convenience, ease of ownership and achieve the result (of course if you do not torment yourself to challenge the loss of pulse attempts to improve neuluchshimoe)
Download free photoshop cs5.

My mistakes observed in other.
Using Photoshop for photo editing, I, like many photographers, I start to notice the traces of the use of certain methods of processing the results of photo art colleagues on the lens. When shooting in any weather, I often tried to do in post from a good picture of a stormy day a bad picture of the day the sun (still the same race for their own self-expression).
Such an error as the tug of color I see time and again, looking at pictures of "venerable photographers" and fans of "Soap". Sharp and rough blur gets to work is expensive, "Fixed-Lens" significantly less noticeable, but making a similar treatment on their own, surely you can poke a finger in the "worn hair" turned into a grass or chippings. Processing methods, and the more complete versions of the result is quite small, and can say with confidence that even a person not versed in the methods and styles of handling Photoshop is easy to celebrate in the photo space subjected to "creative reinterpretation", or rather the correction of.

Photographer in the first place artist.
If you do not agree with this statement and are ready to prove that the paparazzi and reporters do not necessarily know how to build the frame and capture the image, you will have to agree that the camera takes pictures in flight (web camera hanging on the window) will produce pictures of interest not more than bricks lying at the roadside. Mr. chance always exists, but saved from banality of vision can not. If the photographer has positioned itself as a tripod to the camera, then this is the use of "tandem" as from a wet blotter. Any photographer rushing to the spiritual search for creative photography as building a picture of a painter, he could entertain the idea of ​​a frame for months and years, waiting for the right moment to try to overcome the thousands of pictures of visible awkwardness and find "the one" frame and professionalism will not be able to bring light into the creative stagnation if any happen.
As an artist brush and paint, photograph correction software is a must, even if the complexity of the methods and tools conglomeration scares beginners and professionals, each photographer will be able to realize their ideas with the best tools is subject to it, I just want to see that such a program like Photoshop, which has many unique and branches are much more flexible with respect to the user, and if the indulgence of inversions of color, crop, effects in the style of "gluon" is tired of you, try to use the more elegant and interesting Toy's.

Installation and indulgence leading to excellence.
Development of all new graphics program like Photoshop to try their hand in the photo montage. "Glued" to the president's head, or turning the fish in the new building on the ruins of the pictures, many are beginning to feel the euphoria and considered a trifling matter of montage and not acceptable for real "photographer." Unfortunately, such attempts do not lead to any number of interesting results and whether a failure to master these we can see everywhere.
Rough montage rather a collage of a set of sliced ​​images can not be attributed to the hudozhke no creativity - it is rather a "clip-meyk" and, although occasionally come across instances of nice to be creative is not awarded. But there are pictures of mediocre work defining the puzzle and challenge the viewer, and this is an art. A simple example of photomontage (challenged by many photographers) is a panoramic picture. Built of a few photos, it can expand the horizons of consciousness (or rather the angle of view) to the incredible values.
That first question is essentially a self-test on:
Panorama - a photo montage or photo?
Worthy of a panoramic images on display next to the great staff fotokorifeev if they are actually mounted with an image?
To consider whether the "clean" snapshot camera panorama function made "Panel"?
If you are not scared away the questions and you're ready to do any editing software will help you in.

Simple examples of.
Beautiful photography and wire cross out half the sky. Are you ready to give up and throw this shot in the morgue, and suddenly you can see exactly the same, but without the ugly black "jewelry." All in awe of the picture, and you are tormented by pangs of creativity, vainly looking for the point of view from which so well made ​​that shot. Not finding the answer to your question, you explore with a microscope photograph opponent and can not find anything. You feel dirty trick, but there are no arguments. One can argue, swear, but I have to admit masterfully done retouching brought its result - the artist has expressed his thought in the photograph, and to this very idea was not to show sagging wire. Artist, writer oil painting from nature, will never draw objects do not satisfy his creative plan, his eyes they just do not see in the image of the future picture. It creates images of the artist and no matter what tools he uses at the same time.
So now you photoshop?
Expletive or pride in their own ability to say dumb shots, "loudly, clearly and concisely?"

The author
Kompanets D.
In 2012.

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